A closer examination of prescription sleeping pills

Did you know that over thirty million Americans have been prescribed Ambien last year alone? It’s true, Ambien has quickly established itself as one of the most widely used and popular prescription based sleeping medications in the United States.  And while the number of Ambien users keeps growing every year, it’s popularity can hardly be explained by the novelty factor – after all, it’s been on the market for years.

So what exactly makes Ambien so popular and widely used?

Ambien is one of the medications that fall under the sedative category. It works by restoring the balance of important chemicals, called neurotransmitters in your brain and central nervous system. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that are naturally produced by the brain, and they are responsible for transmitting the signals that regulate bodily functions like mood, hunger and sleep. The disturbance in the chemical balance of the brain is the single most common cause of insomnia – the inability to maintain a state of sleep for long enough for the body and mind to get enough rest, and Ambien is so effective because it’s able to quickly and reliably restore this balance to healthy levels. Also, Ambien has a relaxing effect, because it’s able to significantly reduce and lower the activity of both transmitters and receptors in the brain.

You should be aware of some basic guidelines before you start taking Ambien as a treatment for insomnia. First of all, don’t take Ambien lightly – it’s a highly potent medication, and there’s a good reason why it’s only available with a prescription. You should expect Ambien to make you very sleepy, relaxed and drowsy fairly quickly. Depending on an individual, Ambien will develop it’s full effect in anywhere from thirty to just fifteen minutes, so make sure that you only take it just before going to bed. Don’t force yourself to stay awake while under the influence of Ambien – this is not only very hard, but also highly dangerous and irresponsible, because you can put yourself as well as others in danger. You should especially make sure that you don’t attempt driving, operating power tools, heavy machinery or partake other potentially dangerous activities, because Ambien will significantly slow your reflexes and increase your reaction times. Also, never take Ambien or any other sedative, relaxant or hypnotic with Alcohol.

Although Ambien’s effectiveness as a treatment for insomnia is undeniable, there are some side effects and contra indications, so make sure you let your doctor know of any pre existing medical condition or other drugs that you might be taking. Always be responsible and never take more Ambien than your doctor prescribed for you. Also, make sure that you only take Ambien for as long as your doctor recommended. Your body will build a tolerance to it’s effects, and some users will try to counter it by upping the dosage on their own. Again, this is not recommended, since it can lead to the development of an dependency. However, as long as you closely follow the instructions, you can continue to benefit from Ambien’s effects for a long time.