Response and Effectiveness

Ambien is a sleeping pill that’s commonly available in the US pharmacies and online with a doctor’s prescription. It’s designed for the treatment of insomnia, and it’s well known and proven as an effective sleep inducing aid. Ambien is a brand name owned and marketed by a pharmaceutical company called Sanofi Aventis, and a similar product is available under a the generic brand Zolpidem. Pharmacologically speaking, Ambien is considered to be a hypnotic or a sedative, mostly due to it’s potent sedating and relaxing effect.

The issue of insomnia, or the inability to fall and stay asleep has been addressed by many medical studies in the past. Most of them agree in their findings, and believe that insomnia is caused by an imbalance of different important neurochemicals that are present in the brain and other parts of the central nervous system. Ambien can help with insomnia by restoring the natural balance of these chemicals, and quickly relaxing and sedating an individual, which enables them to fall into a natural, healthy sleep. This is exactly the reason behind Ambien’s popularity – it’s been the most commonly prescribed and used medication for treatment of insomnia in the US for a number of years.

While Ambien is perfectly safe when used responsibly, it’s not advised to continue treatment for longer than necessary. The main purpose of Ambien is to provide a quick relief and enable you to deal with the main issue that’s causing your insomnia – whether it’s a psychological or physical problem, so you really shouldn’t think of it as an ultimate solution. And as is the case with most prescription pills, especially sedatives and tranquilizers, always make sure that you consult your doctor before taking it.

You should follow some basic guidelines if your doctor has prescribed you Ambien as a treatment for insomnia. While it’s mostly considered safe and side effects free, you should still be careful while taking it, since there’s always the possibility of developing an dependency. To make sure that this doesn’t not happen, never take more Ambien per day than your doctor prescribed. Also, you should know that Ambien can work very quickly – so plan ahead, and make sure that you take it only before you plan on sleeping. Most users quickly find that Ambien’s effects last for up to full eight hours, so make sure that you have enough time set aside for rest before you take it. You should never try to stay awake while under the effects of Ambien – it will make you feel extremely sleepy and drowsy, and this will greatly diminish your ability to function properly, while also negating the purpose of the drug.

Also, it’s not recommended that you continue taking Ambien for longer than your doctor prescribed. If you find that it’s necessary to take Ambien regularly for longer than fifteen days, try to skip a day whenever possible – this will prevent you from developing an dependency to the drug. When stopping your treatment, it’s not advised to do so suddenly – rather try to slowly lower your dosage over a period of a time.